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Ray and Cissy Chandler to be Reunited

September 9, 2010

I’ve written before about the campaign to have the ashes of Cissy Chandler, wife of Raymond Chandler, moved from the storage facility where they have been since her death in 1954, and placed next to those of her husband. This morning, Loren Latker, who has been leading the campaign, wrote to say that on Wednesday a San Diego court granted the petition to have the ashes moved. Naturally, he plans to celebrate with Gimlets at the grave.

Loren, his wife Dr. Annie Thiel, lawyer Aissa Wayne, and many others, have put a lot of effort into getting this result and I’d like to thank them and everyone who signed the petition that was at the top of this blog over the summer. Sign On San Diego has more:

An unfinished chapter in the life of Raymond Chandler has all the drama,Hollywood links and detective work of one of the author’s suspense novels.

It began 56 years ago when the cremains of his beloved wife, Pearl Eugenia “Cissy” Chandler, wound up on a storage shelf at San Diego’s Cypress View Mausoleum.

The celebrated detective novelist, who was despondent after her death and died 4½ years later in La Jolla, is buried a mile away at the city-run Mt. Hope cemetery.


Update: I was interviewed a few weeks ago by John Rogers of the Associated Press about Chandler, his wife, and Loren Latker’s efforts to reunite them. The article has shown up in The Guardian, among other places.

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