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Cross-Cultural Connections in Crime Fiction

May 3, 2012

This May sees the release of Cross-Cultural Connections in Crime Fiction, a new collection of essays on crime writing edited by Vivien Miller and Helen Oakley. This is a great book for which I was thrilled to contribute an essay. The full list of contents are:

Introduction; V.Miller & H.Oakley

From the Locked Room to the Globe: Space in Crime Fiction; D.Schmid

The Fact and Fiction of Darwinism: The Representation of Race, Ethnicity and Imperialism in the Sherlock Holmes Stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; H.A.Goldsmith

‘You’re not so special, Mr. Ford’: the Quest for Criminal Celebrity; G.Green & L.Horsley

Hard-Boiled Screwball: Genre and Gender in the Crime Fiction of Janet Evanovich; C.Robinson

‘A Wanted Man’: Transgender as Outlaw in Elizabeth Ruth’s Smoke; S.E.Billingham

Dissecting the Darkness of Dexter; H.Oakley

The Machine Gun in the Violin Case: Martin Scorsese, Mean Streets and the Gangster Musical Art Melodrama; M.Nicholls

In the Private Eye: Private Space in the Noir Detective Movie; B.Nicol

‘Death of the Author’: Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö’s Police Procedurals; C.Beyer

‘Betty Short and I Go Back’: James Ellroy and the Metanarrative of the Black Dahlia Case; S.Powell


You can find out more details about the book here.

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