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I started this blog an an outlet for my research on crime fiction, particularly on James Ellroy and the books I’ve written or edited on him. Over time, I’ve also written quite a few book reviews, so I’ve decided to corral them onto this page. Click on the book-cover to read my review of that book.

The books I review are fairly eclectic. Generally, I only write a review if I enjoyed the book and want to share my thoughts. If a book is not to my tastes, I see no reason to damage the authors’ chances by writing negative comments. That said, some of the most interesting reviews come when you have mixed feelings about a book.

So enjoy the reviews below, and if you’re an agent or author who would like me to review a book, get in touch through the Contact form:



The Last Good Kiss by James Crumley

Days of Smoke




Cry for a Nickel, Die for a Dime


Golden Age

Mr Campion's Fault

Mr Campion's Farewell

Angels Unaware

Detroit Autopsy

Need to Know Cover

PD James The Private Patient

Old Religion

the other girl






















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