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James Ellroy

You can find below links to all my posts on the life and work of James Ellroy, plus here are the links to info on my two books Conversations with James Ellroy and James Ellroy: Demon Dog of Crime Fiction. The titles of the posts are fairly self-explanatory, so I haven’t put a synopsis underneath. If you’re an Ellroy fan, just enjoy the scrolling!

Update: Since 2016 I’ve published several articles by Ellroy aficionado and friend Jason Carter. Jason’s posts are marked by his initials after the title.

Ellroy PowellA James Ellroy Playlist:

Part One: Torch Songs

Part Two: Teenage Kicks

Part Three: Night-Tripping

Part Four: It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But He Likes it)

Part Five: Sing It Like It Is

Part Six: New York Stories

Part Seven: Composure

Part Eight: Golden Oldies

Part Nine: Set It To Music

Part Ten: South of the Border

Part Eleven: The Wheels of History

Part Twelve: Age of Innocence (1958-1963)

Part Thirteen: Sentimental Education

Part Fourteen: Sweet Dreams

Part Fifteen: Straight Life

Part Sixteen: From Cooley to Contino

Part Seventeen: Another Country

Part Eighteen: Rags to Riches

Part Nineteen: The Beat Poets

Part Twenty: Obsession

Alan Sues: The Laugh-In Star who was Armand Ellroy’s Last Showbiz Connection

Albert Teitelbaum – The Man Who Sued James Ellroy

Aly Khan, Armand Ellroy and a Royal Biography

America was Never Innocent: James Ellroy as Historian (JC)

Bazaar Bizarre and the Demon Dogs

The Big Somewhere: Essays on James Ellroy’s Noir World

Bird Thou Never Wert: James Ellroy and Sexuality

‘Call Me Dog’: My Ellrovian Journey (JC)

Chip Kidd and James Ellroy: Art and Literature

Conversations with James Ellroy

Curtis Hanson (1945-2016)

Dick Contino: The Soul of the LA Quartet

Early Ellroy

Ellrovian Prose

Ellrovian Writers: Megan Abbott and David Peace

Ellrovian Writers II: Craig McDonald and Stuart Neville

The Ellroy Backlash

Ellroy and Hammett: The Tory and the Communist

Ellroy at the Movies

Ellroy Confidential

Ellroy Contradictions (JC)

Ellroy in LA

Ellroy in New York

Elmore Leonard’s Rules of Writing: Avoid Prologues

The Elusive Film Adaptation of White Jazz

Fred Otash – Private Eye to the Stars

History Repeats Itself: James Ellroy and David Peace

I Never Knew Her in Life: The Black Dahlia Case in Popular Culture

In Dog Years: Ellroy at 70 (JC)

James Ellroy: A Companion to the Mystery Fiction

James Ellroy: A Life in Documentary

James Ellroy and Fallen Angels: Since I Don’t Have You

James Ellroy and Randy Rice

James Ellroy and Steven Parent: A Tale of Two El Montes

James Ellroy Day? – January 26

James Ellroy: Demon Dog of Crime Fiction – Extract

James Ellroy’s Denver Film Series: In a Lonely Place (JC)                                            Conversations

James Ellroy: Faith of a Demon Dog

James Ellroy: From Author to Character

James Ellroy Glossary (JC)

James Ellroy in Manchester: In my Craft or Sullen Art

James Ellroy on the Rodney King Scandal

James Ellroy: Talking Books

James Ellroy: The Eye of This Storm

James Ellroy, the Playboy Channel and an Internet Controversy

James Ellroy: The Poet in the Porno Bookstore

James Ellroy – Tory Mystic?

The James Ellroy Trilogy

James Ellroy – What’s in a Name?

James Ellroy’s Lonely Places: A Retrospective (JC)

James Ellroy’s 1984 Interview for Armchair Detective

James Ellroy’s THIS STORM – Review

James Ellroy’s Wisconsin Police Gazette (Series by Jason Carter):

Part One: The Wild Midwest

Part Two: Milwaukee on the Make

Part Three: Blue Blood

Part Four: 1917’s Dark Legacy

Part Five: Bullets, Blood and Beer

Part Six: Milwaukee Vice

Part Seven: Civil Unrest – is this America?

Part Eight: The Long Halloween

Part Nine: Red Darktown

L.A. Confidential the movie – 20 years later (JC)

The Legacy of A.E. Housman: Roverpack (JC)

The Legacy of A.E. Housman: Redivivus (JC)

Lee Earle Ellroy – The Early Life of James Ellroy

The Man Who Introduced Me To James Ellroy (JC)

The Meaning of Perfidia: James Ellroy’s New Novel

The Murder of Jean Ellroy – The Search for Answers

The New Ellrovians – James Ellroy Conference

Perfidia – A Second Look

Perfidia – A Web of Connections

Perfidia – Review

Perfidia Reviews: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Pitfalls of the True Crime Genre

Rita Hayworth and the Armand Ellroy Redemption

Sam Stiefel: The Producer and Conman Who Inspired James Ellroy

Scene of the Crime

State of Play: Scholarship on James Ellroy

Ten Years of the Venetian Vase

The Mystery of Jean Hilliker’s First Marriage – Solved

The Two Men Who Saved James Ellroy’s Career

This Storm: Ellroy Comes Home (JC)

This Storm: James Ellroy and Joseph Knox in Conversation

This Storm: James Ellroy’s New LA Quartet Novel 

This Storm: Patterns Across History (JC)

Unpublished James Ellroy Interview

Warren G. Harding and the History that Inspired James Ellroy

Widespread Panic by James Ellroy – Review

ZaSu Pitts and Jean Ellroy: Kindred Spirits? (Also see ZaSu Pitts: A Life of Mystery)

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  1. January 24, 2016 4:08 pm

    Hi Steven! I absolutely LOVED your “Conversations with James Ellroy” book! Will your new “Demon Dog of Crime Fiction” book ever be available in paperback? The hardcover price is just too much for me. Let me know. Thanks!

    • January 24, 2016 4:13 pm

      Hi Jason. Thank you. It will be Palgrave’s decision. It may take years. The wheels of academic publishing turn slowly.

      Try the e-book edition or order a copy for your library.

      • March 6, 2016 3:26 pm

        Thanks Steven! I just got the book through an inter-library loan. AWESOME! It’s a great companion to your “interviews” book and the books by Peter Wolfe and Jim Mancall. I’m so glad the literary criticism community is finally taking notice of Ellroy.

        I live in Denver, Colorado, and Ellroy moved here back in August. He hosts a monthly film series at a special theater in a south west Denver suburb (I’ll see him for his latest installment next week actually). I’ve attended every one of his screenings since they began in September. At our last event in January, he announced–loudly and humorously– to all the theater patrons that I was his son-in-law… so awesomely surreal.

        I wish more people could see Ellroy like this. His “Demon Dog” act is awesome, but it’s microscopic compared to James Ellroy the man. In reality, as you likely know, Ellroy is very kind and genuine when talking with his fans.

      • March 6, 2016 4:04 pm

        Hi Jason, thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed the book. I’d heard that Ellroy had moved to Denver. I flew into Denver once and drove up to Wyoming. Just beautiful. I’m jealous you have such fantastic access to the man. Those film screenings sound fantastic. If he drops any hints about book 2 in LA quartet 2 let me know.

  2. March 7, 2016 8:30 pm

    I can feel a post coming on about this new title. It’s quite intriguing. Thanks for the info Jason.


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